Carpatec® is the organizer and one of the participants of the 5th Tensile Architecture Seminar and 1st in Latin America.

The Civil Engineering Faculty from the Technological University of Panama (UTP), in cooperation with the IMS Institute of the University of Anhalt, will run technical conferences during 3 days regarding the current Textile Architecture sector. It will take place in Panama City, in February 2016, and it will host participants from Europe, USA, Panama, Guatemala and Mexico. Professionals, businessmen and students from different branches of Engineering and Architecture are expected to attend the event.

The programme includes topics regarding planning, design, calculation and manufacture of membrane structures, as well as advanced technologies in modern architecture. A discussion on matters regarding the growing popularity of this industry will be carried out, as well as a presentation on the application of technology in different international projects.

More detailed information regarding the event can be requested by email:

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