Cover for Paddle Court in Seville

This 22 x 24 m tensed cover with a height of 11 meters was constructed over 2 parallel paddle courts in the La Rosaleda sports centre in Seville. A lacquered steel frame supports a Type I canvas joined onto it by tent-kedder. Engineer: Gustavo Ramírez Lares Manufacturer: CARPATEC Installing Company: Emotravez Construction Management: Ferrovial Location: … Continue reading

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Cover for Paddle Courts

4 paddle courts in Madrid were covered using a 25 x 44 meter structure, with a height of 11 meters. The structure is made from lacquered steel frame and arches supporting a Type I canvas. The sides were enclosed with microperforated canvas with custom print. Textile Engineer: Gustavo Ramírez Lares Architect: Ignacio Sánchez González Manufacturer … Continue reading

Projects, Textile Cover for Paddle Court


This conical cover was installed in the old British Embassy for a Casa Decor celebration in 2013. It spans 13.5m in diameter, with a circular aluminium frame. The cone’s point is in suspended from the ceiling with a tension cable. Architect: Miguel Melendez-Moran Engineer: Gustavo Ramírez Lares Location: C/ Fernando el Santo, Madrid… Continue reading

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Marquees for Industrial Use for RTVE

Manufacture and installation of 3 industrial marquees used as storage space for RTVE in Madrid. Each marquee covers 650m2 and has a height of 4.5 meters. Project Execution:   Carpatec Engineer: Gustavo Ramírez Lares Location: instalaciones RTVE, Prado del Rey (Madrid)… Continue reading

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Burguer King

Carpatec® has manufactured and installed marquees of different shapes and sizes for the terraces of Burger King restaurants in different Spanish cities. Engineer: Gustavo Ramírez Lares Project Execution: Carpatec Location: Burger King – SALAMANCA, Burger King – VALLADOLID, Burger King – Alcorcon – MADRID, Burger King – San Sebastian de los Reyes – … Continue reading

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